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We seek to be a safe and welcoming environment in which Baptists can share all concerns and points of view without fear of being marginalised.

The CABF is a Canada-wide fellowship composed of both individuals and Churches. Currently, our member Churches are located in Nova Scotia and Ontario, but we are open to receiving new members from any province or territory - click here for details.

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Sobaz BenjaminCABF is pleased to announce that we have contracted with Sobaz Benjamin, Founder and Executive Director of In My Own Voice (iMOVe) Arts Association, to work with us to tell the story of our work as a progressive Baptist Association. Sobaz is a Halifax-based film-director, as well as a community advocate, mentor, program facilitator and educator.  In 2009, he started working with the Nova Scotia Justice Department to deliver his Life Story course the (Kintsugi Monologues) at the Nova Scotia Youth Facility, the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility and The Nova Scotia Community College. Sobaz was honoured in 2014 by the Provincial Justice Department with a Minister’s Award for Individual Leadership in Crime Prevention.  He has taught and presented at a number of public schools and postsecondary institutions, as well as facilitating community-based projects around and beyond the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM).  Sobaz has also received a Humans Rights Award for his work with youth and directing awards from the National Film Board of Canada and the Canadian Academy of Cinema and Television. We are excited to have Sobaz working with us this year as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of our founding as the Atlantic Baptist Fellowship.


Project Support Coordinator

CABF has hired Sobaz Benjamin as Project Support Coordinator on a contract basis. More details will follow soon.

2021 Vincent Rushton Memorial Lecture

RevDrLewisLandscape 2The 2021 Vincent Rushton Memorial Lecture was delivered by Acadia University Chaplain Rev. Dr. MarjorieLewis via Zoom on June 5. Click here to watch a recording of the event on YouTube.

50th Anniversary Lapel Pins

Anniversary Lapel PinLapel pins to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of ABF/CABF are available from the Treasurer at a cost of $10 each and can be obtained by sending an e-Transfer to cabftreasurer at gmail dot com (you know how to write that as an email address) and adding a name and mailing address in the “add a message” section of the e-Transfer or sending your request and a cheque to the Treasurer.

Gathering News

On Saturday, April 24, 150 participants gathered on Zoom for the Spring meeting of the Gathering of Baptists to be encouraged to consider making our churches " A BiggeBox of Crayons " big enough to fully include our LGBTQ+ sisters and brothers. Cal Malena, was the keynote speaker, and Anne Smith, Rachel Brooks, and John Boyd joined moderator David Ogilvie as a panel to discuss how their churches navigated processes that led to them to become "welcoming and affirming." The session was recorded and is available on the Gathering's YouTube channel here.



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SmartSelect 20210611 083816 Adobe AcrobatHere is the latest edition of the CABF Bulletin! Click here or on the picture to start reading!


2021 means Dues are Due! CABF Individual Membership is on a calendar year basis, so dues are due at the beginning of the year. To make things easier for us, our intrepid Treasurer, David Allen, has made arrangements for e-transfers directly to the CABF bank account. By using your own on-line banking e-transfer service to send your $20 to cabftreasurer at gmail.com you will save time, and a stamp!



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