Welcome to the Canadian Association for Baptist Freedoms!

We seek to be a safe and welcoming environment in which Baptists can share all concerns and points of view without fear of being marginalised.

The CABF was organized in 1971 as the Atlantic Baptist Fellowship by individuals and Churches who wanted to bear witness to the historic Baptist principles of freedom and to continue involvement with non-Baptist communions in joint worship, social action and ecumenical discussions. The name change came with incorporation in 2012.

Today the CABF is a Canada-wide fellowship still composed of both individuals and Churches. Currently, our member Churches are located in Nova Scotia and Ontario, but we are open to receiving new members from any province or territory - click here for details.

The Memorandum of Association clearly states our objectives:


Bulletin Oct17The Bulletin is published quarterly and contains articles and news you won't want to miss! Click on the image for the latest edition.


Our 2017 Annual General Meeting was held on October 13 - 14 at Manning Memorial Chapel, Acadia University

The Report Book may be viewed here and the Minutes here.

LeeDuring the AGM, chaired by retiring President Rev. John Tonks of First Baptist Church, Amherst, Lee Nicholas-Pattillo (left) of First Baptist Church, Halifax was elected President. Click here to see the members of the newly elected Council and Committees.



The CABF Council met in Halifax on November 7. Dates were set for upcoming Council Meetings, the Rushton Lecture and Luncheon and the 2018 AGM. These dates have been added to the calendar (see right). See more here.

The Atlantic Baptist Fellowship within Convention is a 1982 publication by Dr. Philip Griffin-Allwood in which he gives a brief account of the formation of the ABF and its foundational principles. Click here to view it.


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