The CABF through its Credentials Committee offers accreditation to clergy who meet and maintain its accreditation standards as outlined here. The Committee has a disciplinary process that may lead to credentials being suspended or removed.

The CABF through its Credentials Committee offers an Association License to Minister as described here. It must be renewed annually.

For more information please contact the Committee Chair:

Rev. Dr. Rusty Edwards
1300 Oxford Street, Halifax, NS B3H 3Y8
Email: Credentials Chair

CABF Accredited Clergy

Boyd, Rev. John E.*

Churchill, Rev. Dr. John E.*

Clark, Rev. Renee

Csinos, Rev. Dr. David

Dempsey, Rev. Deborah

Dempsey, Rev. Terrence

Easter, Rev. Ian

Edwards, Rev. Dr. Paul "Rusty"*

Effa, Rev. Alan

Eisener, Rev. Jenny*

Estey, Rev. Pam

Gibson, Rev. Dr. J. Daniel

Hopkins, Rev. Hedley

Hunter, Rev. Susan**

Johnson, Rev. Arla

Keay, Rev. Jeremy

Kirkegaard, Rev. Hugh

Knowles, Rev. Dr. Marlene*

Radford, Rev. Bert

Sato, Rev. Dr. Ryan

Scott, Rev. Sarah*

Strain, Rev. Amanda**

Tonks, Rev. John*

White, Rev. Jeffrey

*on the CABF list with the Nova Scotia Civil Register of ministers authorized to prerform marriages

**on the CABF list with the Alberta Government of the ministers authorized to perform marriages

CABF Association License Holders

Scarpuzzi, Lic. Jonathan

White, Lic. Sharon

Notices Re: Revoked Credentials

Credentials Committee Notice Re: Rev. Timothy McFarland - 12 June 2019