2023: Enlarge the site of your tent: metaphors and challenges of inclusion and diversity for the Canadian church. Dr. Allan Effa was the 2023 Rushton Lecturer. Allan grew up in Brazil where his parents served as Baptist missionaries. His primary and secondary education were in Portuguese. After completing seminary, he served eight years as a Baptist missionary in a remote part of Nigeria where he was involved in theological education and outreach to a least reached Muslim people group. He went on to complete a MTh in Missiology and a PhD in Intercultural Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary and then joined the faculty at Taylor Seminary in Edmonton, where he taught courses in intercultural studies and spiritual formation. He recently retired after thirty years of teaching undergrad and graduate students and is a member of FBC Edmonton. You can watch a video of the Lecture here.

2022: A Queer Invitation: Tamsin Robson (they/she) and Rev. Rick Gunn (he/him). Tamsin is a genderqueer preacher, educator, and composer with an eclectic spiritual background. Rick is the Minister of St. Luke’s United Church in Upper Tantallon. Both Tamsin and Rick give leadership to the Queer Spirit Church in Halifax, NS. 

2021: The Changing Context of Ministry in the 21st Century: Rev. Dr. Marjorie Lewis, Chaplain of Acadia University, Wolfville,  NS. Click here to watch a recording of the event on YouTube.

2020: canceled due to Covid-19 pandemic. 

2019: Theology for Ecology: Rev. Michael Dowd, evolutionary theologian. You can check out his website, here. Our Worship Leader was Dr. Spencer Boersma, Assistant Professor of Theology, Acadia Divinity College, who spoke on Psalm 19.

2018 Worksop on Church Life: Rev. Martha Martin, Interim Minister of St. John's United Church, Halifax, NS.

2017 An Anglican in Baptist Circles: Rev. Lynn Uzans, Intentional Interim Minister at First Baptist Church Halifax. {mp3}03June2017_Uzans{/mp3}

2016 Searching for Faithful Adult Learning: Ed Colquhoun, retired educator and study leader in church and community settings.  


2015 Musings on a Ministry: Rev. John Boyd, retiring after 46 years of ministry. {mp3}boyd08June2015{/mp3}

2014 Soul Loss: The Changing Landscape in Youth Mental Health: Dr. Pamela Mosher, B.S., M.Div., M.D., attending psychiatrist in Pediatric Palliative Care and emergency room doctor at the Izaak Walton Killam Children's Hospital, Halifax.

2013 Seven Words of Truth: Rev. Dr. David Jordan, Teaching Pastor at Providence Baptist Church, Charlotte, N.C.

2012 To mark the occasion of the adoption of ABF's new name, Dr. Rita Deverell & Rev. Rex Deverell presented a riff on naming. Personal experiences, reflections, readings from the presenters' written works, and the richness of Rita and Rex's personalities examined the issue from several stimulating perspectives.

2011 Ecumenism in Canada and the Canadian Council of Churches: Dr. Karen Hamilton, General Secretary of the Canadian Council of Churches.

2010  The Church: A Sent People: Rev Rhonda Britton, minister, Cornwallis Street Baptist Church, Halifax.

2009 The House of the Church: A Theology Applied: Dr. Carol Anne Janzen, Assistant Professor of Practical Theology, Assistant to the Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program, and Dean of Students (interim), Acadia Divinity College.

2008 Congregational Autonomy and the Associational Principle: A Baptist Dilemma: The Rev. Dr. Stan Hastey, Minister for Ecumenical Relations and Missional Partnerships, The Alliance of Baptists. 

2007 The Emerging Church: Baptist Wanabes: Rev. Dr. Anna Robins, Vice-Principal and Lecturer in Theology and Contemporary Culture, London School of Theology. 

2006 Holy Week and Holy Justice: Rev. Dr. Jonathan Wilson, Professor of Theology and Ethics, Acadia Divinity College.

2005 Elijah’s Coattails: the Temptation to Retire from Baptist Life: Rev. Dr. Cam Watts, Minister, Alymer Baptist Church. Moderator of the Gathering.

2004 Canadian Baptists and the ABF: Issues of Identity and Direction: Rev. Dr. Keith Churchill, Port Williams.

2003: Rev. Dr. Timothy Ashley, Professor of Old Testament, Acadia Divinity College.

2002: Rev. Dr. Rob Ellis, Tutor in Pastoral Theology at Regents Park College, Oxford University.

2001 Hymns and their Writers: Rev. Dr. James Perkin, former President of Acadia University, Wolfville.

2000 Community and Structure in a Baptist Context: Rev. Dr. Raymond Hobbs, Professor of Old Testament, McMaster Divinity College, Hamilton, Ontario.

Past Tributes

Rev. Terry Tingley: A tribute to Terry by Lic. Vicki Brown (2016)

Rev. Dr. Charles Taylor: A tribute to Charlie by Rev. John Tonks. (2015){mp3}tonks08June2015{/mp3}

Rev. Dr. M.R. Cherry: A tribute to Cherry by Rev. Jeff White. (2013) (Read)

Rev. Dr. I. Judson Levy: A tribute to Jud Levy by Rev. John Boyd. (2012) (Read)

Rev. Dr. MRB Lovesey: A tribute to Morris Lovesey by Rev. Dr. Roger Prentice. (2009) (Read)

Memories of Vin: A tribute to Rev. Vincent Rushton by Bob Rushton. (2008) (Read)